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Promo underway for my latest film commission, 'Yarr Ivargal'. Currently out in the USA on tour with Jeff Lynne's ELO

Darlene Zschech - 'Awesome Wonder' Available on iTunes


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Introduction and biog...


For the last twenty years I've been a session musician, touring and recording with many UK and international artists:


Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, M People, Kylie Minogue, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Bono, Beverley Knight, Allsaints, Sugababes,

Heather Small, Jocelyn Brown, Gloria Gaynor, Anastacia, Tom Jones, will.i.am……


Although my career has mostly been in the pop domain I was classically trained up to age 18 on piano and violin.


When, about 15 years ago, I was asked to write a string section arrangement I found not only did it come naturally to me but it was increadibly rewarding, and with a head for both pop and classical I was able to achieve a uniquely fresh sound.


I make my compositions and orchestrations a vibrant part of the track, innovative, contemporary and distinctive yet unobtrusive. I achieve this with melodic counterpoint and distinctive harmony to make the strings sing out whilst sitting comfortably in the mix.


I've arranged for styles ranging from pop and soul, R&B and gospel to country and folk, urban and rock, even african. Stylistically versatile, I've written for films, animations, TV, advertising and commercial music media. I love all music!!


The whole job can be completed online using mp3 for demos, pdf for finished parts and AIFF or WAV for audio. There'll be plenty of opportunity for you to tailor the arrangement until you're completely happy.


I can source musicians & studio, and supervise or conduct at the recording using London's best session players who bring flair and character (and their treasured expensive instruments) to the recordings.


If your budget is restricted I'm also a skilled keyboard player and using samples, recorded part-by-part with human emotion, amazingly realistic results can be achieved at a much lower cost. It's down to the depth of your pocket!


When you're ready please visit my Demos page to listen to a selection of my recordings, and for information on the process and my T&Cs go to Commissioning


If you like what you've read and heard and want me to write a stunning composition for your song please Click Here to discuss your requirements and I'll get straight back to you.


Thanks for finding me!



"So emotional listening to this. Amazing" - Angus Woodhead

"You are a Master at your craft" - Chris Charlesworth

"This is a masterpiece. Perfect. Both of us in tears!!" - Jan Stroud

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