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beautiful bespoke compositions

for strings

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String arrangements for violin, viola, cell and double bass
Jocelyn Brown - True Praises at String Arranger

Jocelyn Brown - 4 tracks

on album ‘True Praises’ (Kingsway)


producer Nicky Brown (live: 12 piece)

@Premises Studios

leader: Perry Montague-Mason

Available on iTunes

One Voice - Every Tribe Tongue & Nation at String Arranger

Darlene Zschech - 'Awesome Wonder'

(instrumental edit)

on album ‘One Voice’ (EMI)


prouducer Ian Pitter (live: 21 piece)

recorded by Nashville String Machine

Available on iTunes

Chris Madin - Jigsaw at String Arranger

Chris Madin – 'Shrapnel'

single on album ‘Jigsaw’


producers Chris Madin, Pete Woodroffe

& Charlie Grant (samples)

Grace Ashton -  All The Things You Never Say at String Arranger

Grace Ashton - 2 tracks

on album ‘All The Things You Never Say’


producer Rupert Cobb (live: quartet)

@Air Studios

The Kingdom Choir - Smile It's a Brand New Day at String Arranger


The Kingdom Choir - 5 tracks on album

'Smile, It's A Brand New Day' (Intergity)


producers Velroy Bailey & Andrew Smith

@Sensible studios (live: quartet)

Recoeded by Wired Strings


Available at CrossRhythms

Clannad - Nádúr at String Arranger


Clannad - 'The Song in your Heart'

from the album Nádúr (ARC music)


producers Pól & Ciarán Brennan (samples)

Available on iTunes

An introduction to a few of my clients...

Nicky Brown

Nicky Brown at String Arranger

"Steve…really fab, you're a genius!"


Prolific gospel producer Nicky and I go back a long way, first working together with Jocelyn Brown at the Cannes Film Festival for the opening of The Ladykillers (Tom Hanks) with me as humble keyboard player trying to get my fingers round the rich chord extensions Nicky had written for "Jesus I'll Never Forget"


After hearing my work on Darlene Zschech's 'Awsome Wonder' (currently playing on my home page) Nicky started using me as his 'staff' arranger for strings and we have now collaborated on many musically rewarding productions


It's always a pleasure working with Nic and we have the greatest mutual respect for each other's skills (his mixes are stunning!). He puts his trust in me to counjour up something special for his wonderful procuction. Visit Nic's Twitter feed

Rupert Cobb

Rupert Cobb at String Arranger

"Thanks for a stunning job….."


Rupe and I go back even further, cutting our teeth aged 16 recording with our band at ICC studios at Eastbourne


He is an equally prolific producer and when I heard a demo of a beautiful simple guitar and vocal ballad by one on his artists-in-production I asked if he'd mind me putting a string arrangement to it. The result is the song you are hearing in the video here by the talented welsh singer songwriter Grace Ashton. I went on to add another arrangement to her album as well as playing piano on the sessions at Abbey Road. Visit Rupert's excellent website here

Velroy Bailey

& Ian Pitter

Darlene Zschech at String Arranger

"This is just wonderful,

loving it…..."


Velroy started it all for me really! After observing me scoring for brass during a break in rehearsals for a pop tour he asked if I wrote for strings. I said I'd give it a go and scored four tracks for the album 'Smile' which he was producing (see Demos). His colleague, the producer Ian Pitter, then asked me to write an arrangement for US singer Darlene Zschech. I was asked to compose a 30 second free-tempo opening prelude ("Anything you like…...make it epic!") which I did with great pleasure. That has now become a frequent request by clients!

Visit Velroy's Twitter feed

Visit Ian's Twitter feed

Cristóbal Sansano

Cristóbal Sansano at String Arranger

"It sounds amazing,

I knew it would….."


Spanish producer Cris is best known for his work with Mónica Naranjo, the pair notching up 9 million record sales worldwide and bagging the World Music Award for World's Best Selling Spanish Artist.


Cris discovered me online and commissioned me to write a series of enigmatic and filmic scores, a departure from my normal remit. This project has been a wonderful challenge.

Chris Madin

Chris Madin at String Arranger

"We love this!



Chris is one of the UK's leading session singers, currently featured vocalist on the BBC1 prime time show Strictly Come Dancing and also can be heard on many BBC Radio idents


Chris wrote the stunning ballad 'Shrapnel In My Heart' for his debut album to which I put a rich string arrangement. A really rewarding assignment and a departure from my normal remit. This project has been a wonderful challenge. Visit Chris's Facebook

P.S...and a quick shout out to the original electric string quartet Bond with whom I've had the great pleasure of touring a number of times as MD & keyboard player, generally in very sunny places! (...they write their own arrangements btw!)


And not forgetting the mighty Jeff Wayne and his War Of The Worlds with whom I've played synths on a world and 3 UK/ European tours, and learned so much!

"Dum Dum Dummmmmm!!"

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